Petrochemicals Take Top Position at Exchange Session

Last week, 87 transactions were registered at the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan.

In foreign currency, businessmen from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, the UAE, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, among others, bought gasoline, polypropylene, petroleum coke, low sulfur residual oil, liquefied gas, aviation kerosene, produced at the Turkmenbashi Refinery Complex. Heavy vacuum gas oil (Seydi Refinery) was also sold to entrepreneurs from Switzerland and other countries. Representatives of business circles from Russia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, etc. made deals for purchasing high-density polyethylene (Kiyanly Polymer Plant) and carbamide (Turkmenkhimiya SC).

In addition, deals in foreign currency included cotton yarn and ginned cotton. They were concluded by traders from the Russian Federation, the UAE, Turkey, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, etc. The total value of transactions was US $150, 284, 000.

In local currency, businessmen from Russia, the UAE, Great Britain, Turkey, Pakistan, India, and Kyrgyzstan purchased cotton fabrics, cotton yarn, and Saraji sheep wool products. The sum total of transactions exceeded 12,541,000 manats.